Extra Protection for Your Home Or Office Using High-Security Locks

Today, locksmiths are used more for emergency purposes than for building codes or home improvement projects. When you lock your keys inside your car or home, you might be looking for ways to get them out faster and prevent further damage to the item. There are many types of fasteners on the market, and locksmiths can help pick which ones will work best for your situation. Here are a few:

Most high security locks employ certain features or designs that enhance their ability to withstand forced entry and manipulation for a reasonable amount of time, usually between one and five hours. These locks are often used in conjunction with deadbolts or other high-security locks. Because locksmiths can identify each characteristic, they can recommend the appropriate combination to use in order to open a door. In many cases, however, they can also rekey locks so that you have a second choice for security.

Standard Pins – Some locks have standard pins installed in them. Others are designed with one specific mechanism in mind. If you have a security system or if you want to replace a deadbolt lock with one of the newer models available, a standard pin may not be enough to do the job. In these instances, an experienced professional can suggest the most suitable high security locksmith lock options.

Extra Locks and Keyways – Keys and locks can be compromised by a combination of factors, including the size and shape of the pins, the length of the pins or the length of the keyways. Many manufacturers make specialized models that add extra protection by using metal pins or keyways that are harder to remove than standard pins or keyways. While adding extra protection can help with the overall security of your home or office, you may also need to replace some of your existing high security locks. A locksmith can show you the ones available and help you select the right ones for your needs.

IC Discs – One of the most modern types of locks in high security locks are IC discs, which combine the strength of a standard pin tumbler and the convenience of an electronic key. If you choose this option, be sure to select keys that use an advanced identification system that stores fingerprints and other biometric information. These keys may be used to open multiple doors and are often used by police to protect their properties and people. If you want to add more security, consider installing multiple layers of security.

Keyless Entry / Access Control Devices – Some entry and access control locks feature keyless entry systems, which give users the ability to open doors without using a key. These devices are usually very expensive, however, and installing one will require a professional to do so. There are many models of these devices on the market, and there is no clear consensus about how to determine which one is the best for your home or business. Consider the extra protection that you will get by installing a high security lock, then choose a keyless entry / access control device to supplement your security needs.