The Purpose of Spine Physical Therapy Fellowships

The mission of Spinal Physical Therapy fellowship is to train highly qualified practitioners of spinal physical therapy specialty practice that will share their knowledge through leadership and excellence in the field of physical therapy, broaden the scope of knowledge through participation in national and international educational activities, and develop a network of colleagues, practitioners, and patients for collaboration. Each year, Spine Physical Therapists is selected on the basis of both clinical competence and their leadership qualities and experience. It is an outstanding opportunity to participate in cutting-edge clinical training programs and to build a personal network of colleagues that can help you through your career with a wealth of practical experience.

The Spine Physical Therapy fellowship is offered at the Graduate Program in Physical Therapy at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine. Spine Physical Therapy fellowship graduates are equipped with the knowledge to provide the highest level of care and treatment to patients with conditions that affect or are in association with the spine. Graduates will be prepared to provide care in the field of rehabilitation, physical exercise, and rehabilitation. Students are also prepared to provide basic care, such as educating patients about pain management and educating them about rehabilitation.

A graduate student with a masters or doctoral degree in physical therapy is required to complete a supervised internship. During their internship, students will work under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist who is either an associate or full professor of physical therapy. In addition, the student will participate in a course designed to provide the student with a theoretical background in the physical therapy discipline.

Students are taught about the anatomy of the spine, physiology and biomechanics of the human spine, the structure of the human spine, the structures of the vertebrae, the muscles of the spine, the musculoskeletal system, rehabilitation, and how to provide care for patients with different spinal conditions. Students will learn how to diagnose and treat spinal disorders. The student will also learn to perform assessments to determine the appropriate treatment plan for the patient.

Upon graduation from Spine Physical Therapy fellowship, students will be required to pass a written examination. Upon successful completion, students will be certified to practice as a physical therapist. These certified physical therapists must have received formal training in physical therapy and will be required to take continuing education courses in order to maintain their certification. Students will then be ready to enter the field and begin to practice as physical therapists.

In addition to having the chance to specialize in spinal conditions, students in Spine Physical Therapy fellowship will have the opportunity to become involved in their chosen field of study. They will be encouraged to attend national and international conferences on the latest research and practices in this area. Students in this fellowship program will be encouraged to network with other graduates, gain experience in the field and develop an interest in continuing education in their field.