Residential Roof Services

“For over eighty years, Homestead Commercial Roofing Company has provided affordable, high-quality residential and commercial building roofing materials for Bergen County, NJ. Homestead Residential Roofing, Inc. is dedicated to providing a quality residential roof that has been built and installed by qualified contractors and engineers. We have always strived to provide a superior product in a timely manner. In addition, we are committed to continually educating ourselves and our customers about the latest advances in residential roof materials, technology, and construction techniques.

“While some companies seek only to profit from cutting costs, or recommending low-cost products to customers, Homestead Residential Roofing believes that maintaining a steady and positive roof is far more important than any single aspect of building quality. We believe that a quality roof will pay for itself in reduced energy costs and reduced home repair costs in the long run while reducing the number of problems a person experiences with their roof. We also believe that our customers deserve the best in residential roof materials and that it is our obligation to help you find the best roof that will provide the best value for your dollars.”

In the last twenty years or so, many residential roofers have realized that they are in fact able to do their own residential roof maintenance and at the same time be a roofing contractor as well. This provides them with the flexibility to build quality roofs that are well maintained and that are built to withstand the weather and environmental conditions of New Jersey.

Residential roofers may choose to install a roof on their own or engage a contractor to perform this job for them. Either way, residential roofers must have a thorough understanding of both the science and techniques involved with the roof installation process. and a working knowledge of various types of roof materials. For example, the residential roofer will have to know about the many types of shingles, roof shingles, roof tiles, guttering, shingles, roof tiles, rafters, and shakes.

Residential roofers are also responsible for maintaining the condition of the roof and keeping an eye out for any issues with the roof such as moisture and other types of damage. Residential roofers must have excellent workmanship, cleanliness, attention to detail, and an above-the-average amount of experience in the field of residential roof maintenance.

When considering hiring a Residential Roofing Services, check with your local building department and ask if the building permit and inspection department had received any complaints against the residential roofer’s name in the past. While it is always best to hire a licensed professional, many individuals may not have the necessary credentials to perform residential roof work and in these cases, it is advisable to contact a roofer with a proven track record and experience in residential roof maintenance, since these are the people that are more likely to ensure that the residential roof is repaired properly.