Toilet Repair FAQs

If your bathroom is leaking and you are in need of a quick fix, don’t waste time and money on a generic “repair”. Instead, save time and money by learning how to do it yourself. Here’s what you’ll expect to see in most common Toilet Repair in Seattle WA kits nowadays.

A universal plumbing kit gives you everything that you need to fix a running toilet, with the exception of the drain snake. You’ll need a pair of pliers (or an adjustable wrench set), a screwdriver, a wrench set, a power drill, a level, a water-proof bowl, absorbent cloth, some sealant, an anti-scald agent, a plastic or rubber piece, a plunger, and some epoxy glue. The plumber’s putty that you buy is only used for lubricating moving parts. Other parts of a toilet repair kit include the replacement plunger, the drain plug, the overflow trap, a new floor plate, some clear caulk, an instruction manual, a plastic or rubber tube, and the necessary nuts and bolts. That’s it – pretty basic, right? Well, yes, but it gets much better!

One of the main problems with Toilet Repair in Spokane WA kits is that they don’t always deal with the whole mess inside the toilet bowl. For example, if you have a clog or leak at the bottom, your plumber will likely just pull out the old drain and replace it with one of the new types. However, you may have a more serious problem like a blockage in the chain, which could lead to a complete replacement of the chain. If the hole or crack is large enough to allow a chain to pass through, then your plumber won’t be able to clear it up without a new flush handle (and a new toilet bowl).

If your Toilet Repair in Port Orchard WA kit doesn’t include a new flush valve or a new chain, then you’re going to have to do a little additional work. For example, if the hole at the bottom of the bowl isn’t big enough to accommodate the chain yet the water is still gushing, then your toilet repair person is going to have to install a strainer inside the bowl. This is not something that you should try to do yourself unless you’re a professional, but if you’re handy with tools, then it can’t hurt to give it a shot.

In the event that your toilet repair plumber isn’t able to fix your blog on his own, he’s going to recommend that you call a plumber to come take care of the problem. Toilet repairs can get pretty expensive, so if you’re dealing with a stubborn clog, you might want to consider calling the plumber to come take care of it. It’s better to call a pro than to make a mistake and have to deal with an unprofessional plumber in a public area.

If all else fails and your Toilet Repair in Spanaway WA specialist can’t help, then you’ll still be able to fix your clog by yourself. Before attempting to do so, you should check your toilet parts model number. This will ensure that you purchase the correct replacement flapper for your toilet. You may be able to find this number on the toilet tank, or handle, as well as inside the bowl. If not, simply Google the model number to help you locate replacement flappers.